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In the Far East, many funeral and memorial services remember those that have passed away by lighting lanterns. We've compiled an exclusive pack made up of plain white and blue lanterns and some printed 'In Loving Memory' to make a memorable and moving occasion. SAVE OVER £10 on RRP.

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In the Far East, many funeral and memorial services remember those that have passed away by lighting lanterns. We've created the perfect memorial set consisting of white and blue cylinder shaped lanterns (a traditional Thai shape called 'Khoom Fay'), pink diamond shaped lanterns pre-printed with an 'In Loving Memory' logo (diamond are a traditional Chinese shape called Kongming) to make your remembrance a truly memorable and moving time.


Sky Lanterns are the perfect accompaniment to any Memorial... imagine the look of awe on your guest's faces and dozens of Sky Lanterns gently float into the sky and are seen from miles around.


This Sky Orbs Memorial Pack contains:

20 x Cylinder Shaped Sky Orbs (10 blue & 10 white);

20 x Blue Diamond Shaped 'In Loving Memory' Sky Orbs;

10 x Sky Orbs Refillable Electronic Lighters (5 red & 5 yellow).


The total price if purchased separately would be £90.50... order this Memorial Sky Lantern pack and pay only £79.99 with FREE European delivery. Save over £10!

Sizes approximately 90-103cm tall, 50-60cm wide at the top and 40cm wide at the bottom. 

All of our sky lanterns are eco-friendly and 100% biodegradable. We have invested a significant amount of time and money developing a lantern that is both safe to use AND environmentally sound.

All our lanterns are made with rice paper, flame resistant wool, and an eco-friendly pre-attached fuel cell that's easy to light and non-drip. Before they are packaged, all Sky Orb Chinese Lanterns undergo a fire proofing process and the fuel cell is wrapped in tissue to prevent it from sticking to the lantern during transit.


Full instructions are provided with every lantern complete with photographs to make release an easy, enjoyable experience and a perfect ending to any party, day or event. Our packaging has been developed in conjunction with Trading Standards and complies with all relevant safety notices.

  • 100% biodegradable – no polution to the environment
  • Easy light non-drop fuel cell, made with the wax of disgarded Buddhist temple candles
  • No metal parts – no threat to wildlife or farm animals
  • Recyclable packaging

Simply light the fuel cell and hold the lantern as the air inside it warms. It will soon float gently out of your hands and as the air carries it you'll be able to see it burning in the sky. Sky Orb Chinese Lanterns burn for up to 12 minutes and can travel up to 2 miles and over 1,500ft high, this is further than the eye can see! Once the flame has gone out, they float gently back to earth.

  • Weight: 80g
  • Sky Orbs Minimum Diameter: 40cm
  • Sky Orbs Maximum Diameter: 50-60cm
  • Sky Orbs Height: 90-103cm
  • Lantern Material: Flameproofed Rice Paper
  • Fuel Suspension: Fireproof Wool
  • Fuel Cell: Non-drip Eco-friendly, Quick Lighting

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